Is your environment sabotaging your abundance?

Today is the penultimate installment in my current series on overcoming a scarcity mentality. It’s hard to believe we’re nearing the end of the series! My hope is that over the past few weeks, you’ve been able to identify any signs of scarcity thinking in your own life and then troubleshoot them with the strategies and tips that I’ve provided.

With an abundance mindset, you’re positive, happier, and more light-hearted. Doors of opportunity are always opening for you because you expect them to and believe they will. Financial security and freedom suddenly become possible. You don’t have to live in fear or anxiety anymore. Instead, you’re confident about your future, and suddenly, anything seems possible!

Further, with an abundance mentality, you feel empowered, inspired, and encouraged to pursue the life of your dreams and actually make it happen.

I know the difference an abundance mentality can make. I’ve witnessed it in my own life, and I’ve witnessed it in the lives of those I regularly coach in my own wellness business. Believe me – you don’t want to go through life with anything but an abundance mindset. That’s why I’ve devoted so much time to sharing different ways you can fine-tune your thinking to make abundance your default ‘modus operandi’.

These past weeks, we’ve talked about gratitude, we’ve talked about flipping the script the next time a negative thought comes to mind, we’ve talked about the importance of the company you keep, and we’ve talked about the kind of media and content that you consume. These are all extremely important things to be mindful of when it comes to cultivating an abundance mindset in your life.

Today’s tip is one you may have never thought as having a correlation with abundance: getting organized.

When you don’t feel abundant or particularly confident/happy/positive about yourself or your life in general, it can simply mean that something feels out of order to you. Plenty of research has been done to show how our environment can either positively or negatively impact our moods. And as I’m sure you’re beginning to realize, our mood can determine our line of thinking which will in turn determine whether we attract scarcity or abundance.

So what does getting organized and improving your environment entail?

  • For one, now that we’re in a new season, how about considering a Fall Cleaning? Go through your home and do a thorough cleaning. Fold all clothes, find better ways of storing possessions, and ensure that all your files are in their appropriate place. The simple process of getting your things organized does a lot to cultivate an abundance mindset. For one, you begin to see how much abundance you already have in your life, which lends to feelings of gratitude. But you also make space for new things to come your way!
  • Speaking of making space, you may want to consider giving things away. If you’re like most people, whenever you get organized, you probably discover that you don’t even use/wear half of the things you own! This is something that’s addressed in the New York Times Bestselling Book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. The book’s author encourages people to go through all their belongings and ask if each item brings them joy. If it does, keep it. If it doesn’t, give it away. This ensures you’re only surrounded by the things that bring you happiness. Apart from that, you’re helping others (karmic brownie points) and again, you’re making room for new things to come your way.
  • Finally, give some thought to the ambiance of the spaces you most occupy during the day. What colors surround you? Are they lively? Do they boost your mood? Do you have pictures of friends, family, or pets nearby that might make you smile? Do you play soft, soothing music while you work? Is there something nearby that can brighten your day like a bouquet of flowers or a motivational piece of art? All of these things can shape your attitude, and your attitude will determine your altitude.


There are so many ways to cultivate an abundance mindset, and turning your focus onto your environment is a sure path to do it quickly. When we get organized, we see just how abundance we truly are and become more grateful. When we get rid of things we don’t need anymore, we help others (which always feels good) and we make room for new blessings to come our way. And when we surround ourselves with a positive and soothing space, we take care of mind/body/soul, which helps us to feel happier and more positive, which naturally leads to more abundance.