...and build wealth through wellness!

Create a life of freedom, fulfillment, and financial prosperity with essential oils!


  • jmt triple picBeing the CEO of your own life: No alarm clock. No work attire. No commute. You get to set your own work schedule every day and spend your hours doing whatever lights you up: spending more time with loved ones, traveling the world, pursuing your hobbies…the possibilities are endless.
  • Being excited about your work. No more mind-numbing tasks in a 9-5 cubicle. Say goodbye to projects and to-do lists that only drain you and hello to a lifestyle that fulfills you and your craving for passionate, meaningful work.
  • Being as wealthy as you want to be. Whether you’re looking to earn supplemental income or replace your full-time income entirely, it’s more than possible with a career in essential oils. Make as much as you want and start living a life you actually enjoy everyday.

Hi, my name is Kelly Dollinger.

I run a profitable online business that specializes in essential oils. I also get to play with holistic nutrition coaching + whole food detoxing and I have fantastic wellness clients from all over the country.

But my life wasn’t always this way.
Once upon a time, I was a stress addict who buzzed all around Washington, DC in my political communications career. My entire life revolved around my career track. There was no flexibility in my day-to-day routine whatsoever. Instead, I had to constantly deal with the taxing demands of a lifestyle that wouldn’t let me catch my breath. It wasn’t long before I realized just how much my stressful routine was making me sick in almost every area of my life.

I had a breakdown and it was time for a change.
Soon after, I discovered how real food, real rest and real self-care could revolutionize my health. From that point on, I created a brand new life for myself, and I successfully built an entire business around helping people revolutionize their own lives as well.

If  you can relate to any part of my story, keep reading.

Have You Ever Wondered…?

:: If there was more to life than just reporting to a soul-sucking job every day to collect a paycheck at the end of the week?
:: If there was a way for you to spend more time with the people you love instead of wasting your hours on someone else’s to-do list and working on someone ELSE'S dream?
:: And have you ever wished you had the type of income that could fuel world travel, fulfilling activities, and a debt-free lifestyle?

The good news is this:
You can create a business and life you can get excited about.

What My Teammates Say...

TenleyI first became introduced to essential oils when Kelly sent me a few citrus essential oils to help support nausea associated with pregnancy. I had tried EVERYTHING and the prescribed medication from my OBGYN made me miserable. The lemon and orange essential oils helped me manage my symptoms while working and traveling, and greatly improved my pregnancy experience! I continued using essential oils even after my pregnancy and my immune system has become incredibly resilient as a result. I am able to be a nurturing caregiver for my husband, my children, and other people I love by providing them with natural solutions for their health and emotional wellness. Getting into business with essential oils has additionally benefited me. I’ve been able to create a robust supplemental income that has enabled my family to pay down debt and save for the future. In fact, I’m close to replacing my full-time income altogether! Being a part of Kelly’s team has made all the difference. She’s a consummate professional who leads and mentors her team to create a clear vision and strategy for our individual businesses. She’s also a lifelong learner. She’s constantly pursuing information and business tactics that will further develop an entrepreneurial tool belt. I am inspired by her incredible focus, loving friendship, and desire to drive results. -Tenley Huste


1077412_1454713994810242_7116709064028774953_oA year and a half ago, I was seeking an opportunity for change and growth. Never did I ever think when I was going to school to become a doctor that I would pursue a different form of holistic skill with essential oils, or that doing so would be more than enough to support me and my family financially in addition to fueling my dreams and purpose. The best part about being in business with essential oils is the freedom that I’ve found in every possible way. I love to support and help people, but I get extremely frustrated with the time constraints it puts on my life and my inability to help those who are unable to meet with me face-to-face. However, essential oils have allowed me to dream bigger and connect with patients beyond the walls of my clinic. Now I’m passionate and excited about what I do again. I no longer feel constrained by a medical system that’s limited in both thought and action. While I always felt that I was in the right field (chiropractic medicine), I never felt as effective and useful as I do now. I have built a business that I love and that benefits my life in so many ways, and being a part of Kelly’s team throughout it all has made all the difference in the world. While I own my own business and did a lot of networking already, I can honestly say I have learned the most about business through building with essential oils – and most of that has been because of the education and support that Kelly and her leaders provide. We are truly a group of people joined together by passion to create wellness and help and improve others' lives as well as our own, and that has made us one awesome family. -Dr. Lauren LeRoy Sporrer


10600649_10152409051835889_65571574957844078_nBuilding a business with essential oils has allowed me to create supplemental income while raising four kids, being a health coach and writer, and volunteering for/participating in many activities that I love. I feel so fortunate to work with a product I love and believe in, so sharing is a natural process. The places I frequently visit (gym, kids’ parties, etc.) are all great spots to meet wonderful people and prospects. As equally important is the simple fact that essential oils have truly improved my wellness and wealth. I feel empowered to take care of my own family with affordable and safe natural solutions, and working in essential oils has additionally allowed me to provide my clients with a range of products that offer wellness support and results. I’m so thankful that my path crossed with Kelly’s. She’s a first-rate leader. She offers sage advice, useful support, respect, and inspiration, and she provides exceptional business tools and guidance. She is always available and helpful, and she allows her team members to grow at their own pace while still keeping them engaged and moving forward. -Claire Layrisson


Why Essential Oils?

_Web-3Every day, the health and wellness industry is growing more and more. In fact, current market predictions for the fitness, mind & body, and nutrition spaces alone tally in at over $650 billion. Experts expect those numbers to only continue growing.

The truth is people want to live happier lives. We want to be stronger, we want to have more energy, we want our brains to be sharper, and we want healthier immune systems that don’t fall apart with every cough and sniffle. We want all of these things not just for ourselves but for our families too – especially our children.

Redefining our food culture and striving for more active lifestyles make up only part of the equation.

Essential oils, however, are the missing puzzle piece not enough people are talking about.

Before July 2013, I couldn’t tell you what an essential oil was. However, I already knew from a major diet change how much plants create wellness. It was amazing how much control I had over my emotions and physical wellness just by controlling the foods and other substances I put in my body.

But discovering essential oils opened doors to a type of wellness I wouldn’t have even previously thought was possible. They were truly nature’s miracle! I’ve used essential oils for immunity, blemishes on the face, respiratory support, detoxing, stress reduction, boosting energy, better sleep, and even for regular household cleaning!

These days, as people are becoming more and more health-conscious, families are looking for natural and easy solutions that don’t contain harmful chemicals and other unsafe ingredients.

Essential oils fill this current gap in people’s lives. Unfortunately, many people don’t even realize that essential oils exist.

That’s why people just like you, who are passionate about health & wellness, are needed. You already know you derive fulfillment from improving the lives of others. Imagine how rewarding it’ll feel to know you’re making a positive impact and difference for countless individuals and families by connecting them to the life-changing solutions they so desperately need.

From my own experience, I know the difference essential oils can make. When I started to introduce my coaching clients (and others) to essential oils, the response was amazing. Just like me, they couldn’t get enough. People love essential oils, and now you can share essential oils with others too!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are essential oils?
Essential oils are simply natural oils obtained by distillation from the leaves, stems, flowers, and other elements of various plants. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their spiritually and emotionally uplifting properties and also for their therapeutic applications.

What can essential oils be used for?
Essential oils can improve your emotional state, provide therapeutic benefits, enhance your physical wellness, purify your home, and more.

How do I use essential oils?
Essential oils are used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used a single oil at a time or in complex blends in one of three methods:

Aromatic : Essential oils, when diffused, can be very stimulating, while others can be calming and soothing. Diffusing essential oils can also cleanse and purify the air.

Topical : Essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin and many can be safely applied topically when used in conjunction with a carrier oil, such as Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Internal : Certain essential oils have a rich culinary history and can be used as dietary supplements supporting a variety of healthy conditions.

Can I really make a career out of essential oils?
Absolutely! Did you know that 80% of all women who make over $100,000 a year do so through network marketing and direct sales? In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing segments in the global economy. Combine that with one of the most popular industries in the world right now (health & wellness), and you have a recipe for unfathomable success. Ultimately, as the old adage goes, it’s your attitude that will determine your altitude. I’ve watched plenty of people transform their love for wellness into an endlessly growing career. If you’re passionate about wellness, are ready to learn and create the business and life of your dreams, and can put in the time and effort to make your dreams a reality, essential oils can have limitless opportunities and income for you.

What kind of income can I expect?
Of course everyone gets out what they've put in. Some people come to this business to make a little side money -- maybe just enough to cover their oil habit, or to earn enough as part-time income. But some people do what I'm doing and build a big business -- one that provides monthly residual income, come rain or shine. After two and a half years of working with this company, I have a lifestyle business that is location independent and gives me complete control of my schedule and priorities. Contact me and I can provide you with the company's financial report so you can see how much on average a business builder can achieve. In my third year, I'll be making six figures in a sustainable and reliable model that will only keep growing.

Why direct sales vs. traditional models of entrepreneurship?
Working with a company and inside a team means you get support, not competition. Also, most start-ups require a monumental investment and most small businesses fail. There is no risk to be taken in essential oils. Also, working inside an existing company that is the world's largest in it's field means all the nitty-gritty is taken care of: marketing tools, training tools, legal, shipping, customer service. When you are a stand alone operation, you have to take care of that yourself! Also, when you work alone, you are most likely financially capped by the amount of hours you put in. Sure you can work for yourself, but do you want to do it 80 hours a week? In this model, you slowly build a business that will consistently put out income and grow when you are sleeping, when you are on vacation, or doing other things that are a priority in your life.

Do I need to be a certified health coach to be successful?
No, you don’t have to be certified as a health coach in order to be successful with essential oils. Many of the people I work with are coaches who use essential oils as a way to expand their business. But there are also those who simply enjoy the health & wellness space and find fulfillment in sharing their knowledge with others, thus effectively building a business out of something they’re passionate about.

How can you help me create wealth through wellness?
My team is growing every day and I’m always looking for the right people to mentor in essential oils. In fact, teaching others how to use essential oils and create or expand their businesses is the most fun I’ve ever had. I’ve provided step-by-step mentorship for countless people who have in turn seen their organizations and client lists grow like never before. If you’re inspired by passionate entrepreneurship and the opportunity to make a career out of your love for health & wellness, essential oils may very well be your ticket to creating freedom, fulfillment, and financial prosperity.



Does It Matter What Team I Join?

YES! It matters 1000%. You need a team that continually supports, builds up, celebrates, trains, updates and mentors you into success. This business is not a one-person show for anyone. You need to work in conjunction with your upline and downline to create a solid strategy for your growth. We have Facebook groups to communicate, weekly calls to educate, free programs for rank advancement and all the other tools needed to help you develop your residual income stream step-by-step and at your pace.