4 Things To Expect The First Week Of Keto


Transitioning to Keto, and what to expect the first week.First of all rapid weight loss, when you go low carb you are going to immediately flush out water weight. However, you need to maintain this by drinking extra water and keeping your electrolyte levels normal to avoid dehydration. 

Avoid Dehydration

Seriously, don’t try Keto if you’re not going to drink enough water. It’s not fun the first two weeks or so, and don’t just start Keto if you have a complicated health history make sure your doctor knows what’s up because  I like the idea of you going in there and setting a benchmark. If your cholesterol numbers, or your inflammation has been measured at a certain level get those labs done now, and then jump into Keto, and then you could have something measurable to show your doctor about what’s actually happening, so just get an A-okay from them, and be able to report your back number because I’m sure they’d love to see it as well. They want to see you improve.

Rapid Weight Loss

 Seriously, rapid weight loss is what makes the first week of Keto Flu so bearable and fun. You’re going to experience long-term mood regulation.  I love to sleep. Sleep is like my favorite thing in the entire world. I used to sleep nine hours, which is a lot, but sometimes I would still be like sleepy during the day every once in a while. Like not anymore. I go to bed, and I wake up eight hours later and then my body is like get up, and like start your day, and I feel awesome. I definitely sleep harder than I used to for sure even though I was getting nine hours my sleep is significantly better. Reduce inflammation, reduce appetite 100%, which is so fun. 

 You’re going to burn through all the glucose in your body, and they estimate that you can have like 3,000 milligrams, basically, of carbs in your body at any given time, so it can take a little while that’s why the week can drag on. It takes a little while to get through all that glucose before your body is willing to switch over to ketone for energy.


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Keto Flu

The Ketone Flu will happen as your brain becomes more fat-adapted. You’ll never have a Ketone Flu, again, the way you will the first time because your body is like I didn’t even know this was an option, so you want to drink a lot of water, and focus on hydration, and electrolyte levels, which is really easy to do.

Digestive Changes

You’re going to experience probably some digestive changes. Some people say constipation or loose stools. Both of those can happen. Both of those will figure themselves out. You’re just putting a lot of fat in your body that your body is not used to, and it’s kind of like lubing. You lube the tube, so you’re going to have a lot more bowel movements in the beginning and then as your appetite decreases you’re going to have less over time. You’ll have a couple of sugar cravings for the first couple of days until your body has switched over, but then a lot of reduction in your appetite, and then basically no sugar cravings in the future.

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