A Paleo Diet Vs. Ketosis Lifestyle

portland_ketocoachI want to talk about something that people get stuck on a lot, which is what’s the difference between Paleo and Keto?  We hear so much about both, but they’re actually both very different. They’re not equal like picking off a menu of a dietary theory. It’s like you have vegan, pescatarian, vegetarian, Mediterranean, Paleo, keto. These names mean completely different things entirely. They are vehicles for different groups of foods.  So Paleo is very much a style of eating the same way Vegan is or Mediterranean.  Paleo is more about the quality of food and how that behaves in your body, but there is absolutely no, macro restrictions on anything that’s related to Paleo.

What Exactly Is Paleo?

Basically, the theory of Paleo is if it existed 100 years ago, you can eat it now or 200 years ago or thousand years ago, right? Actually eating food that we ourselves evolved on. So meats and high-fat natural sources like Avocado and olive oil. All that great stuff, nothing that’s processed,  no refined sugar, no sodas, no chemicals, right? Everything has to be super clean and coming from the earth or from nature in some way, an animal and mineral,  that’s the basis of Paleo.

When you really focus on Paleo you don’t have dairy and you don’t have grains, right? Because we actually did not evolve on, on those things. And by consuming them today, they kind of wreak havoc on our systems. Because of the way they are all processed, dairy comes with lots of, side effects that wreak havoc on our systems. With the hormones and antibiotics and all these things because the way they mass produces dairy and dairy products.


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Our bodies actually do not have the enzyme required to break down the protein in dairy. Dairy is very inflammatory for this reason,  I like a number of you grew up with, had to have a cup of milk with dinner. And now we have ended up with a lifetime of this protein in our body that’s not very well digested.  It is difficult to drop weight because of the havoc the hormones in dairy are playing with our own hormones.

Another very inflammatory ingredient are grains. We also lack the enzymes to productively breakdown grain.  Which is why Paleo is grain free because grains or grains as they are today did not exist 200 years ago.  Today’s grains are another thing that really does a number on our gut lining and we want to keep our gut lining really, really strong.  When I am nutrition coaching, I’d get so much resistance when I would tell people to restrict dairy and gluten because they’re damaging to our digestive systems.

How is Ketosis Different?

Now, switching into Ketosis. Ketosis, as you know, is much more involved and very much based on macronutrients. Ketosis is a metabolic state of the body.  Ketosis is actually describing something that’s happening in your system. Which is the opposite of Paleo. Paleo is just a description of a way to eat. Ketosis is actually what happens to your body when you starve all of the carbohydrates out of your system, and out of your liver.  You are starving them out of your body and your body switches into ketosis using your fat stores instead.

Keto is a metabolic state and Paleo is a style of eating that is anti-inflammatory and gut healing.

Can you be both Keto And Paleo?

With all of that said, why do I basically do both? I do follow a similar diet that includes both Paleo and Keto. I have a really great book that is just all recipes for Keto and Paleo.

There are a lot of Paleo Keto recipes on the Internet. I would recommend that you try to focus on those and transitioning to a Paleo based diet before going full blown Keto to adapt your body and begin healing gut inflammation.

That’s really what the theme of my holistically Keto approach and philosophy is about. Because Keto is a metabolic state and Paleo is a style of eating that is anti-inflammatory. Both are very nutrient dense and that’s kind of the philosophy that I want to adopt in the Holistically Keto group.

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