Hey there, I’m Kelly. 

My search for my own health and wellness has brought me a world of knowledge that I can’t wait to share with you.

Almost 20 years ago I realized my body didn’t work right, at least not like the other girls in school. I didn’t get my periods regularly and I was also heavier than everyone else even though it seemed we all lived similar lifestyles and ate the same foods at lunch and social activities.

In college, my irregular periods became a problem. Painful, uncontrollable bleeding left me desperate for care and after a short appointment with a nurse practitioner, I was put on birth control as a “solution.”

Years passed by, almost all of my 20s. Weight was impossible to lose, hair grew, anxiety and depression were debilitating at times, I pushed through lacking energy and I had really no idea what was in my future for fertility.

This, of course, was Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. I was actually diagnosed in my mid-20s and given diabetes medication and sent home. It didn’t really do anything so I gave up for a while. Sweeping it under the rug didn’t work either.

I had a feeling whatever the problem was, it was waiting for me on the other side of these band-aid approaches. I researched for years and tried different strategies. PCOS is confusing! And I didn’t really ever find medical practitioners that could help me. I became my own health advocate and took it upon myself to improve my health. It was both empowering and scary!

Fast forward, my life looks really different now! I left a stressful political career, built a successful essential oils business and am actively putting my PCOS into remission.

Can I help you? Here is who I serve:

  • dealing with a frustrating wellness concern and don’t know where to start with your nutrition strategy
  • need to clear out toxic products from your home
  • learning how to get better sleep, boost immunity and reduce stress
  • looking to handle PCOS care or other hormone imbalance naturally

What you’ll find by sticking with me: 

  • ketogenic coaching and group programs
  • weight loss education
  • PCOS remission strategy
  • essential oils education

Where to find me and what to expect:

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