Alcohol And Keto


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Alcohol and how to manage it on Keto, it can be really confusing. Let’s start with a non-weight loss function. Then alcohol on ketones can be pretty easy for you. Just stick to the carbs, liquors like your whiskey, your vodka and beer are generally pretty unfriendly unless you can find the really low-calorie beers which are even that great. For example, your Michelob ultra or whatever it might have a carb or two, but wine is a really great option. Just pick the drier varieties. I actually use a company called Dry Farms wine and I’ll put a link below for you. I get six awesome bottles of wine delivered every other month. I personally chose red because it’s my preference and they are natural wines, which means they actually have zero carbs per serving.
Most of the wines out there do have carbs because they are messed with during the process of being made. Sometimes the sugar is added to make the wine sweeter or whatever. But I really enjoy a good red wine. I like a variety of them. And so six bottles for me every other month is perfect. I can bring them to the social functions that I am attending. I can make sure that I’m going to have a good time, by bringing my own wine, first of all, and you’re not committed to drinking any certain amounts. Which is why I like when I bring wine to a party or something because I just do enjoy a half a glass of wine. This isn’t even a full glass and really a half of a glass is fine for me. I like it with food, and I don’t drink a whole ton.

I think that I’m more alcohol sensitive when I’m doing Keto because I’m just so much cleaner otherwise. So for cognitive function or any kind of other staying in Ketosis, just stick by the carbs. Now, if you’re trying to lose weight, alcohol can be a problem on Keto or any other diet because what happens is your body recognizes that alcohol is a poison. So it goes to the liver first and the liver works really hard to break the alcohol down. And what the liver supposed to be doing, especially while we’re sleeping is getting rid of the excess fat in your body. Sleep time is our fat burning time. And the liver’s job is to assist in that process. When we drink alcohol, we’re basically telling our liver to stop the fat burning process and digest the alcohol.
If your goal is to lose weight, I’m definitely easing up off the alcohol and if you’re going to do it at all, just do it in small amounts. Be really mindful of it. Ask yourself when you really need alcohol, if it’s going to be an enjoyable process if it’s going to be a form of self-care and stick to the low carb options. If I go out, which is very rare, but if I go out and it’s like a big event or something, I’ll do gin and soda a lot. It’s carb free and usually, like to have those be a big night out for me. More than that, I’m asking for a hangover the next day because I’m married, I’m very alcohol sensitive and alcohol really disturbs my sleep, and we know that I really love my sleep.
Just make sure that you know what your goals are with Keto and plan accordingly. In whatever app you’re using, you’ll be able to punch it right in and see what that alcohol content is. Just be really mindful of your wine varieties and obviously stay away from sugary fillers. If you’re getting a cosmopolitan, it’s not the alcohol that’s giving you the carbs, but it’s all of the mixers, right? So cranberry juice out of the gun, which is just straight sugar.
You can have a variety of options and make yourself a really great drink. I love using essential oils in my cocktail. Sometimes, if I want a gin and soda, sometimes I’ll put a drop of lime essential oil in there. That way I’m not putting so many wedges of lime because that contains sugar as well. Those are my tips on alcohol and keto.

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