Carbs Turn To Sugar And Fat Turns To Fuel

During ketosis, your body is switched off of recognizing sugar as an energy source and into fat adapted ketosis instead. What exactly are the other benefits? Obviously, you know you’re going to lose weight because your body is using its own fat as a fuel source. Obviously, it’s a lot easier to lose weight that way, but then there are a million other benefits.

First of all, when you’re messing with sugar and insulin, what goes up must come down. So your blood sugar goes up, your blood sugar comes back down, and you eat a big heavy carb meal. For example, we’ll eat a Bagel. Well, you gotta come back down and when things come back down, you start to crave sugar again. You are moody and that’s when you really pack the pounds on. When your blood sugar’s doing this all day, it’s harder to focus and you know, it’s harder to go to work and you need to.

We do this endless cycle of, oh, I finally ate carbohydrates, but now I’m tired, so I’m going to have a bunch of caffeine and then I’m going to wait, and then I’m gonna need more sugar later and the whole bit, right? It’s very unsteady. It’s kind of like you’re, dealing with this willpower struggle all day because you know, you shouldn’t be eating carbs all day, but you’re addicted. It’s like this emotional rollercoaster and an energetic rollercoaster and a productivity, cognitive rollercoaster that’s just like so unnecessary.  So when you’re using fat as fuel, your body is really slowly burning it and it’s always there when your body needs it. So it’s totally flatlined.

You don’t have to worry about the ups and the downs and all that fat stuff. It’s always here when your body needs it and it’s not dependent on what you’re putting in your mouth.

With all of that being said, you want to have a diet that’s high in fat so that your body actually is running off of both dietary fat, what you’re putting in your mouth and the fat in adipose tissue. That’s our fat, so you want your body functioning off of both of those fat sources, your own and dietary.

First of all, it takes your body a long time to break down fats and proteins, which is another reason why it’s so good for moods and productivity. Whereas carbohydrates start breaking down almost as soon as you put them in your mouth. That’s why you get like a quick hit of up and down, cognitively it’s impressive.

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