Coffee, Caffeine, Hormones & PCOS

Let me tell you, this break up was tough. The physical and emotional toll was unexpected. In the middle of September, I made the decision to give up caffeine.  It was sad, but it was time. Maybe it’s a trial period? It is just causing me way too much anxiety.

What I’ve learned so far from breaking up with coffee:
-I was addicted to the cortisol bump (hello, terrible for PCOS).
-I was addicted to the emotional crutch.
-The ceremony of buying something, sharing company, enjoying something warm, the perception of being “more ready” for the day are all things I assumed as truths but have changed.

Despite all my other health changes, I’ve known for a long time that I needed to give up caffeine, and I knew that it was going to be so hard.

Here are some facts that I’ve known all along:
-Caffeine raises your cortisol and that’s a no-no if you are trying to heal any hormone issue.

-When your stress hormones increase, so does insulin.
-Caffeine increases the development of cysts: such as ovarian, fibroids or breast.
-Decreases fertility and stresses out adrenals + thyroid.
-Increases chances of early pregnancy loss.
-Depending on your race, studies show coffee has a different impact on your estrogen levels.
-Decreases ovulation.
-Coffee flushes nutrients like magnesium and vitamin B (critical for fertility + ovulation) out of your system.
-Only 10% of the population actually has the liver enzyme to metabolize caffeine correctly.
-It’s a digestive disruptor, as a gut “stimulant,” yes, it forces you to go, but at the expense of your nutrition.
 Meaning that caffeine is eliminating foods before your body can absorb their nutrients.
-Unless you know EXACTLY where your coffee is coming from, it’s most likely chemical and toxin-laden junk that your liver also has to break down. Look for organic and/or single origin sourcing.


Tell me are you caffeine free? How does it work for you?


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