Diffusing Essential Oils


portand_essentialoilYou’ve all read or heard me speak about the importance of putting essential oils on and in your body but another great way to get emotional support from your essential oils is to diffuse them.

Think back to those biology classes where you studied the parts of the brain. Remember the limbic system, the emotional center of your brain? Well, it is strongly linked to a scent. For example, when you smell fresh baked chocolate chip cookies do you ever get a memory of your grandmother baking them for you, or eating them after an afternoon playing outside with your friends or as an after-school snack? Those memories and emotions are all triggered by your sense of smell and the limbic system.

What does all of this have to do with Essential Oils?

There is a major connection between our sense of smell and our emotions.  Essential oil molecules enter our system via our nasal cavity which interacts directly with our limbic system which controls a ton of our emotions.  Which is why simply smelling a pure oil can alter your brain chemistry.  doTERRA has six blends for our big six emotions. These emotional blends were formulated to help release negative emotions such as disinterest, guilt, anger, anxiety, and sadness simply by using them in a diffuser, smelling them from the bottle and using them topically on the body.

doTERRA Emotional Blends

Peace: Contentment & Reassurance

Motivate: Confidence & Courage

Forgive: Anger & Guilt

Cheer: Happiness & Optimism

Console: Grief & Sadness

Passion: Inspire & Energize

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How do I diffuse?

There are all kinds of diffusers that you can use, but you should NEVER actually apply heat to essential oils. Applying heat means your candle diffuser and your wax warmers, they are NOT really diffusers. They are devices for “recreational fragrancing” and they work only with synthetic scents. Real essential oils are delicate and full of life energy so when you heat them, you are actually destroying what makes them special.  To get the most our of diffusion, the essential oils must be truly be certified therapeutic- grade oils.

Other reasons to diffuse

There are plenty of reasons to diffuse essential oils that are NOT mood based, I have listed a few of them below
  • Entertaining guests
  • Optimal sleep
  • Promoting a relaxed but high functioning work environment
  • Purify the air
  • Comforting to children and pets
  • May support a healthy immune system
  • Memory recall for tests or presentations
  • Promote quiet time
  • May support a healthy respiratory system
  • Chemical free air freshener
  • Change your mindset
  • Rest and relax
  • Put your spouse in a better mood.

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