Do you Intermittent Fast?

Getting into fasting was a natural progression after eating keto for so long, but it’s such an awesome tool to use cyclically. ⠀

I just finished a really busy time where diet and nutrition was NOT a main focus for 8 or 10 weeks (I was really just trying to hold on!) But this week I was so happy to take a breath and re-commit to intentional health and eating. ⠀

I’m jumping back into 1) keto and 2) intermittent fasting. These two things make my body the happiest! ⠀

Also. I love projects. I just need something exciting ahead to learn about, or try, or challenge myself. So I put a ten-day fast on the calendar at the end of the month! ⠀

So all my 16, 18, 24 and 36 hour fasts will lead to something really challenging! I’m excited to see what a #prolongedfast will do for my #PCOS. ⠀

I’ll be focusing on getting into deep ketosis well before I start my fast so most of the work will be done! ⠀

Rocking out with an 18-hour fast right now with my go-to Starbucks — Venti Iced Green Tea Unsweetened. ⠀

What’s the longest you’ve ever fasted? ⠀

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