Eight Travel Essential Oils


I travel a lot educating people on the benefits of essential oils. While most of the time I do bring most of my doTerra oil collection with me when I am teaching the masses there is a few pre diluted roller balls of oils that I make sure that I never leave behind because of their convenient size and way that they fit into my carryon.

Since traveling has the potential to make your body act up because you are out of your “normal” routine here are eight touch oils that I never travel without:
Digestzen– Roll on your stomach for aches, constipation or heartburn.
On Guard– Roll on feet and spine for immune support.

Breathe– To open airways and help with altitude changes on and off the plane.

Melaleuca– For blemishes, skin irritations and immune support.
Lavender– This oil is the best for first aid, roll on for sunburns, itchy skin, great for sleep and anxiety.
Frankincense– Anti-aging, excellent for the skin/healing, mood support/calming.
Oregano– Major immune support, anti bacterial and anti viral properties.
Peppermint– Respiratory support, great for nausea and gives me energy when dealing with time zone differences.
Deep Blue– Those inevitable aches and pains

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How To Travel With Oils

I’d recommend carrying-on: Primarily for the next two bullet points, but also so your oils aren’t getting banged around or exposed to heat or cold in the belly of the plane.
*Make sure your oils closed super tight: It SUCKS to arrive at your hotel and realize one of your bottles leaked all over the place. Leaks are more likely to happen with oils that have a thinner viscosity, so close them well.
*Make sure they’re sitting upright: They are more likely to spill, and citrus oils are more likely to destroy caps if they are laying on their side or upside-down for the whole flight.
*Make sure they’re labeled: They should have the original labels on them so security can see what it is and what’s in it. Yes, I realized you could theoretically put anything in any bottle, but that’s not the point. The point is that security must be able to identify what you have in eight small liquid containers. I do not bring my personal blends of empty roller bottles; I make use of the already created touch oil blends.

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