Essential Oils And Your Period



Where are my ladies with intense periods at, because this one is for you! One of my most frequently asked questions is how can essential oils help with period relief? While I am working on healing my PCOS and having a more consistent period I do have a few tips for you.

Here are a few things that I have used and recommended to others:

I’m going to focus on lower back and abdomen pains because nothing is worse than those low back and abdomen pains that come along with your period.

  • Deep Blue on the lower back relieves back tension. Keep this on repeat as long as you have lower back pain.
  • Clary Calm on your lower abdomen throughout the day for hormonal support and period cramps. Another useful tip, your periods are much better when you use the Clary Calm the entire month on your lower abdomen.
  • Copaiba– this little miracle worker helps with so many of the issues that come along with your time of the month. Mix Copaiba with the Deep Blue on your lower back, layer it along with Clary Calm on your abdomen if the pain is really intense. A drop under your tongue a few times a day will also help with that emotional roller coaster that comes along with the aches and pains.  A drop or capsule of Copaiba under your tongue every day the entire month will also help you immensely when your period does come.
  • Neroil– Skip the Copaiba and layer this with the Clary Calm when your cramps feel more like contractions and you need just a little extra support.

Now you tell me, are there any oils that you swear by when your period week hits?



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