Vacation With Essential Oils


Vacation season is among us, school is about to be let out for summer. If you are new here then you need to know that I travel for work a lot. In fact, I am just finishing up a 42 city oil tour. Obviously, I always travel with my oils and want to bring EVERYTHING every time.

On my business trips I do usually bring everything because I am teaching. However, when I am vacationing for fun  I try to imagine all the situations I will need oils in to figure out what to take.  Since we are entering the time of year for road trips and family vacations,  luckily for all of us, doTERRA has put together an easy guide for those of us that travel to use on the go.

Place these essential oils inside a sample vial for a compact way to carry your favorite oils.

  • doTERRA On Guard®—Immune booster*
  • Melaleuca—Calms minor skin irritations
  • Balance®—Provides a sense of balance
  • Lime—Makes great water flavoring
  • TerraShield®—Repels bugs
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil—Dilutes “hot” essential oils and hydrates skin


Oils can be so confusing! There are so many ways to use them. Look at Kelly's exact daily routine to see how you get use them all day long. 

  • The oils I use first thing in the morning for clear skin and digestion.
  • Stress management oils and which to use before bed. 

Travel Essential Products

PEPPERMINT BEADLETS: For a pop of fresh breath, place a beadlet in your mouth or pop a beadlet between your fingers to apply the oil topically as needed.

doTERRA ON GUARD TOOTHPASTETransfer doTERRA On Guard Toothpaste into an empty travel container so you can include it in your flight carry-on bag.

DEEP BLUE SAMPLE PACKETS: Soothe the occasionally sore, tired muscles after a long day of travel with Deep Blue®.

TRAVEL SUPPLEMENT BOX: Place Lifelong Vitality in a pill box to help get the necessary nutrients your body needs. If you only have poor dietary choices available during travel, add TerraZyme™ and DigestZen® softgels to aid in digestion.

If you are still looking for my information about traveling with your oils, you can read more about the eight essential oils that I always travel with.

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