Essential Skin Care



On November 16th the updated doTERRA essential skin care line will launch. Prior to the doTERRA launch however, I will be hosting a webinar discussing essential oils to help with everything from breakouts to wrinkles. I wanted to take a minute and talk about how excited I am for the launch of newly updated skincare line.

Essential Skin Care Line

When the Essential Skin Care line was first launched, it was foundational as the best of both science and nature. However, as skin care technology and ingredients continue to evolve and improve, it was time for the Essential Skin Care line to receive some updates, along with two new products.
Never fear, the elements you have always loved about the skin care line have not changed. This includes features such as the essential oil blends, price (with the exception of the Pore Reducing Toner), formula texture and appearance, package size, and the clinically supported claims of the original products.
So what has changed? Aside from the addition of two new products, the Brightening Gel and Anti-Aging Eye Cream, each current product had its formula updated. Read on to find out the new ingredients in each product, and how they contribute to better skin care. Click HERE to see all of the changes to the skincare line.

Essential Oils Breakouts to Wrinkles

You know I’m all about that clean living, but you know what got me hooked to oils first? VANITY. Yes, my skin was terrible because of my hormone imbalance and I had spent years and thousands of dollars trying to figure it out. Oils were the first thing that ever worked. I’ll explain to you my exact regimen in the webinar, essential oils breakouts to wrinkles that I am hosting on November 8th.  Sign up for the webinar HERE.



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