Five Essential Oils For The Bedroom

valentine_essentialoilValentines Day is a great way to ignite or reignite that spark between the two of you. It’s also a great time to put some of your oils to a different use. I recommend adding a few drops of any of these five oils to your bedroom diffuser since many of these oils are natural aphrodisiacs and may stimulate passionate feelings and trigger a response in the limbic system in the brain,

1. Rose: Giving a bouquet of roses is often seen as a display of love and romance (it is the favorite flower on Valentine’s Day). Rose essential oil has been used for years in many cultures to inspire passion. Its scent evokes a calming, relieving affect perfectly for setting a romantic mood.


2. Ylang Ylang: This oil is known for its ability to affect the hormones, uplift a mood and to boost libido.


Oils can be so confusing! There are so many ways to use them. Look at Kelly's exact daily routine to see how you get use them all day long. 

  • The oils I use first thing in the morning for clear skin and digestion.
  • Stress management oils and which to use before bed. 

3. Neroli: Slightly orange, slightly floral scent, this oil may help calm the nerves and stimulate romantic feelings. Neroli has been used for centuries for its aphrodisiac properties.

4. PASSION: Inspiring Blend will help to rekindle feelings of excitement, passion, and joy.

5. Sandalwood: This oil is known to help create a peaceful environment, and aid in stimulating romantic encounters. It is a favorite aphrodisiac oil from centuries ago.

Another great way to make use of oils in the bedroom beside diffusing them is to add some lemongrass and lavender to coconut oil and massage your partner.


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