Frequently Asked Ketosis Questions

healthcoach_doterraToday I’m going to answer some of the frequent Ketosis questions that I get asked to clarify that pretty much anyone can live a healthy keto lifestyle.

Is ketosis for me? Well, you have to ask yourself that. Are you frustrated somewhere in your health? I would say if you have an amazing mood, amazing sleep, no weight to lose, and everything’s great probably not. Stick with what you’re doing because everyone’s body is really different, so it must really like what you’re doing if you have no symptoms otherwise, so maybe it’s not, but a lot of us are not in that boat. A lot of us are dealing with some significant health issue due to the way we eat and how we were raised in the American food culture. Decide for you whether ketosis is in the cards for you or not. Should I contact my doctor? If it’s just for weight loss I don’t think so, but they always recommend that you contact your physician if you’re going to change your nutrition plan or exercise routine that’s the full disclaimer for every single thing. If you’re super cautious absolutely.


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Will the first week be terrible? The first time I did Keto I had no support, and I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was just kind of operating off of some blogs, and it was terrible, it was awful. I think I napped every day most of the day, which was ridiculous because that is not what Keto Flu should feel like. It should not be that bad. I just didn’t know what to do. The second time it was a breeze. I think I took one nap one day, and it wasn’t even that bad like I was really fine just because I really took care of my electrolytes during that week.

Do you have to cook a lot?  Nope, I don’t. I love food prep, so I think I cook one thing a couple of times a week like maybe I’ll roast a couple of cauliflowers, or I’ll do some chicken, and I just cook for five or six meals, and that’s it I’m good. I just keep going off of that, and I keep eating leftovers, and I love that. Can you cook your own food? Of course, so both sides. Super lazy non-cooking people Keto will be great for you. If you want to cook all your own stuff awesome if you’re cooking for a family. You’re going to cook super normal stuff. They’re just going to be getting a lot more fat in their diet, too, so maybe you cooked like veggies and chicken and rice. Well, they’ll eat the rice and you won’t, and you’ll still be totally in Keto.

Can you exercise? Absolutely. So many people report athletic performance increasing because they have such a clean source of fuel with being in ketosis. Is this heart healthy? Yes, it absolutely is. I love learning about the heart health coming with Keto, and how people have improved their numbers. Now that said it’s because they’re getting an array of fats, and they’re checking off every single one, especially, those monounsaturated fats those are super heart healthy, and they are aware of the LDL, HDL healthy ratio, so if you’re at-risk right now you’re on heart medication totally talk to your doctor, and you say, hey, I want to do this high-fat diet, so I could increase these puffy LDL’s that are super heart healthy. Talk to your doctor about that and let them know what you’re up to, and I’m sure they would love to benchmark your progress as well.

I’m a vegetarian, can I do keto? This is one of my most commonly asked questions.  Totally fine, just make sure you’re getting a mixed level of fats. No one source of fat over and over again, so you can’t just be doing coconut oil every single day. You want to mix it up.

Again, I’m a health coach. I’m here to educate and to share information, share recipes, cheerlead, and hold you guys accountable, so if you have any questions about transitioning, this is a great article if you still have questions let ‘s chat. 

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