Holiday Survival Guide

holiday_essentialoilHoliday celebrations for you and your family might already be in full swing or they are about to happen.  Time with family, the rich food along with being out and about shopping or eating out can cause internal disruptions.  I’m going to share with you some oils that you will want by your side.

You will be out in public more than normal as well as with family and all the unfamiliar germs, that’s why:

Onguard: A drop under the tongue a day or on the feet a day keeps the doctor away. Give your immune system some much-needed support.

The holidays aren’t only about gathering with family to celebrate the season they’re also about the food.  All the food and all the other things that we are consuming.

Digestzen: All of the pie, cookies, fudge and other yummy homemade goodness can make you eat a few too many. A little of this rubbed on your belly can help your digestive system process it all.

Terrazyme: A digestive enzyme complex that supports healthy digestion and metabolism of enzyme-deficient and processed foods. This complex supports conversion of food nutrients to cellular energy.


Oils can be so confusing! There are so many ways to use them. Look at Kelly's exact daily routine to see how you get use them all day long. 

  • The oils I use first thing in the morning for clear skin and digestion.
  • Stress management oils and which to use before bed. 

The main focus of the holidays is gathering with family, however, this can be stressful with those you haven’t seen in a while.

Balance with Peace: A drop of each on the back of your neck for stress.  These should go along for the ride during holiday shopping or when you are about to spend time with your relatives.

Here’s to hoping these tips help you to survive the holiday and winter season.

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