How I use the Ketogenic Diet To Achieve My Health Goals And Support Others

If you’re new around here, it’s nice to meet you. Here’s the deal, I have PCOS and chances are if you have found me that you are concerned about your hormonal health too.

What you’ll find in this space as well as My Holistically Keto Facebook Group and Instagram pages are

  • My own personal live-journal of how I’m putting my PCOS into remission.
  • How I use the ketogenic diet to achieve my health goals and how I support others.
  • Essential oils education to show you how to live as chemical-free and plant-based as possible.
  • Any other tips, tricks, shortcuts, witchcraft or cheat to better achieve health and wellness.

I am here to incorporate both because I couldn’t be as healthy as a person if I just did Keto and I clearly couldn’t be just as much of a healthy person if I just did oils. I really need both. You need nutrition and you need to control the toxins in your environment. This is what this group is really going to be about. The videos that you’re going to see are going to come are mostly about Keto, some essential oil stuff that supports my ketogenic lifestyle.

Since I did everything wrong when I first started Keto and I see people doing this all the time. Which is why I tried to just go it alone when I first got started and I looked around the internet and I looked around what was available and the information that was there, were tips to avoid keto flu or, or how to track your ketones.  Basically, I made it 60 days on sheer willpower because I didn’t have all of the information to do it well.

Now that I know more about how to transform your lifestyle holistically I’m offering you all of my tips, tricks and shortcuts to better achieve your health and wellness goals. Join me in the Holistically Keto Group.

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