How To Deal With Keto Flu



Keto flu, how common it is, it’s symptoms and how to avoid it.

Keto flu is a number of symptoms that you can get and you’re going to feel pretty crummy if you have ever gone through it or if you’ve stepped away from Keto, and are jumping back in after a break, you might actually experience Keto flu again. What’s happening is when we put sugar or carbohydrates back into our body, our body breaks it down into glucose. Which as we know when we have glucose in our system, the hormone that responds to that is the hormone insulin.

Since insulin is a hormone that tells ourselves to open up and receive that glucose as energy. When we have a normal functioning body and normal healthy amounts of carbohydrates we are running in a very primal sense.

What happens when we switch our bodies from a glucose burning state to a ketone burning state is that entire process kind of gets thrown out the window and your body starts to wonder what is happening? The organ that actually releases insulin is our pancreas. And when we don’t consume glucose, we’re starving all that carbohydrate out of our system. Our pancreas doesn’t have to release so much insulin.

When our pancreas doesn’t have to pump out so much insulin, it’s a cascade effect that our kidneys don’t have to retain so much water in our bodies. Our bodies actually for every one molecule of carb our body holds onto four molecules of water.

This is where the whole scenario of you are going to lose a ton of water weight in your first couple of weeks comes into play. And is the biggest reason in and around why the Keto flu happens. Our pancreas starts releasing so much insulin that it causes our kidneys to not retain so much water in the body. And what happens is our kidneys just allow us to just get rid of water. And what happens is that we go to the bathroom a lot. We are just peeing a ton and it when we don’t ingest carbohydrates, our body lets go of all this water. Which is the water weight that you’re going to lose experience.

The side effect of what happens when we lose all that water really quickly is that so many of our electrolytes go with it. You’re losing a lot of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium in your body, just by losing it so quickly. Electrolytes really keep our bodies hydration balanced. They keep our moods balanced. Um, we need them for proper sleep. If you’ve ever had a low magnesium, you might get leg cramps, it might cause more symptoms of anxiety and other symptoms of basic dehydration.

Enter my favorite keto-rade recipe.  You will need to add some sort of electrolyte supplement to your daily routine to prevent dehydration the first week of switching to keto. I take good high-quality sea salt, the good pink salt or gray or black salt that’s high quality and full of minerals, put that in some water and add a couple of drops of essential oil.

If you are doing Keto for the first time, you really want to be proactive. Don’t wait until you get that dehydration headache, that moodiness or that shakiness because by then it might have already really ruined your day. You’re going to deal with a lot of fatigue during Keto flu. Your body’s really figuring out what’s happening. It’s thinking that it needs carbohydrates. There’s that kind of like cleansing effect of our body. But then also on top of it as a keto flu, and so it’s really hard to stick to a keto plan if you feel tired, miserable and headachy, and keep thinking that it’s just so extreme. It’s not extreme, it’s completely normal.  I help a lot of people through the keto flu because when they know about Keto flu ahead of time can completely avoid it.

This is a great resource for more of the things to expect the first week of switching to Keto. Also, make sure that you are a member of the Holistically Keto Facebook Group for 100 FREE Keto videos.

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