Introduction To A Ketogenic Lifestyle



One of my favorites parts of my biz is constantly launching ketogenic challenge groups and I thought maybe I would give you a bit of a background of why I live a keto lifestyle and a little introduction to what exactly a ketogenic lifestyle is, to see if this is something that suits you to join us on our 30 day journey.

If you’ve never come across my online world before I am a holistic health coach, and I teach essential oils full-time. I have a really big essential oils team about 3,000 customers nationwide and internationally, so that takes up a lot of my time.¬†

The truth is, I did not start out in the most holistic upbringing ever just a normal Philly girl to really blue-collar parents. No real nutrition education until I got super sick later in life in my 20’s. I had a super stressful career that I left and then really got into wellness and loved that. At 27 years old I was like “I’m done with politics, and I want to go work in wellness.” I started health coaching and loved that, and then eventually came across essential oils, and I just fell in love with everything.

In my house, we were buying the organic stuff. I was eating clean. I was doing the gluten-free, and the no-sugar, and the processed all that stuff was gone, and my PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome wasn’t improving.¬†

I studied PCOS like a crazy person. I mean there’s no one out there that’s really like an expert and stuff is already changing, and there’s more research being done and all that great stuff, but I have tried everything. I’ve done the topical creams the hormone creams. I’ve done the birth control they told me to go on. They gave me metformin at one point even though my blood sugar wasn’t even abnormal. I did stuff with the naturopath. I took a lot of supplements, like every single thing, and for me Keto is really what helped me the most. Now that I understand more about Keto and why, and understand all of the stuff I’ve read about PCOS it all makes sense.

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What exactly is ketosis?


Ketosis is a completely normal part of our metabolic system that begins to use broken down fat as energy instead of glucose. Right now if you’ve never done Keto before you’re operating off of glucose, and we always have. Actually, you were in ketosis as an infant until you were done being breastfed, and then you got switched over into a more glucose-powered fuel environment. We go through ketose every night when we sleep, so really all Keto is just about maintaining it through a full 24-hour cycle to keep your metabolism running on your own fat stores instead of sugar.

Sugar you put that into your body it will raise your insulin, which is a hormone, and it can create kind of hormonal craziness all over the place, so whether it’s losing weight or trying to heal your PCOS, your adrenals, your thyroid, whatever it is really having a chaotic up and down insulin response constantly all day not to mention moods. I mean imagine a really tangible example would be when you’re hungry, right? How irritable are you when your glucose is super low glycemic crashing it’s super low, and you just have to eat, oh, my God right now, right? Panic, panic, panic. That’s kind of what some of your hormones are doing without you really feeling it without feeling the hormone, right?

There are many of you reading this that have no interest in losing weight, and that’s great, too, keto isn’t just a fad diet, it’s a commitment. Just choose what your metric is. Is it more balanced moods or better night’s sleep, or more energy, or any of whatever that is it doesn’t make a difference what the metric is. Maybe it’s qualitative. Maybe it’s quantitative. Just keep your eye on what it is you want to improve and treat yourself like an experiment and maybe Keto will be able to help you out.

If you are interested in more information on a ketogenic life, click HERE I teach a webinar every couple weeks about this topic, make sure that you have signed up for my newsletter to get the most up to date information when that webinar will be happening.

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