Keto Is The Opposite Of The Nutrition I Learned

Portland_ketocoachI want to talk about just another quick philosophical perspective on ketones so you have the right mindset coming into a new eating pattern, a new way of eating. I think some of the things that people get tripped up on the most is thinking that ketosis will still have some of the same principles as running your body off of glucose. And the truth is it’s very different startlingly so, and so sometimes people come to me with all these questions about like, shouldn’t it be like this or isn’t it unhealthy if I don’t go without food for this long? And so on and so on. First and foremost, I hear you. I went to nutrition school. But I had to really undo a lot of the thinking that was really ingrained in me in nutrition school when I went into ketosis.

Modern nutrition education is fasting. We’re constantly told, Oh, if you go too long without eating, your body goes into starvation mode and they’re holding onto its fat stores. That is true. If you’re a sugar burner, not true if you are a fat burner. So fasting is great for other reasons, which I will get into.


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It’s super taxing on the system to constantly be digesting food. So we keep putting food into our body every couple of hours and our body’s energy and oxygen flow to our stomach. The stomach has to break everything down and get rid of it while it’s doing that. It’s not doing other things in the body like autophagy’s a really amazing thing. That’s the self-cleaning oven feature of our cells and it cleans out all the junk in ourselves and is very restorative and helps heal damaged cell tissue. We don’t ever get to that point because we’re eating every couple of hours. We are so addicted to eating, grazing and maybe even if it’s healthy.  You don’t need to have raspberries and then two hours later almonds and two hours later, a salad with chicken. We don’t need that much food all day.

The Ketosis Difference

Ketosis so different. For example, one of the most harmful things I think that we have learned through nutrition, Classic Nutrition, wellbeing, glucose, is eating often. If you have to be a sugar burner and you have to use glucose as energy than eating often makes a lot of sense as I’ve explained in my previous posts. There’s a lot of roller coaster up and down all day with your blood sugar and your insulin levels. By eating often you help the blood in between those super lows and those super highs, so it helps keep you in the middle. Now, Ketosis is the opposite of that. Ketosis keeps you in the midline pretty much all the time because you’re not putting any starch or sugar into your body, so you don’t have to abide by that same principle of eating often.

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