Keto Lifestyle vs. Atkins Diet



One of my favorites parts of my biz is continually launching ketogenic challenge groups, talking about why I live a keto lifestyle and answering questions about it.

If you’ve never come across my online world before I am a holistic health coach, and I teach essential oils full-time. I have a really big essential oils team about 3,000 customers nationwide and internationally, so that takes up a lot of my time. What I also am passionate about it educating people on living a keto lifestyle. However, sometimes I find myself in a discussion about ketosis and Atkins being the same thing which we are going to discuss right now.

Atkins Vs. Keto
Like I said Atkins versus Keto I just wanted to blow this up right up front because people think it’s the same. It’s not the same, Atkins is a low-carb, moderate fat, high protein diet that can make people feel pretty crappy for a number of reasons. First of all, people do not necessarily get into ketosis when they are on Atkins.  Many people might think they are in ketosis but they are they are not measuring their blood levels as you do on a keto diet which means they are doing Akins. Without testing your blood you have no way of measuring your levels, so I don’t believe that most people were actually in ketosis.  I think they were just low-carb and sugar burners, and then they were doing a high protein diet instead. When you digest a lot of protein, there is a byproduct called uric acid, and it’s not great for the body. Too much protein actually will spike your insulin, which people didn’t know. There’s also too much protein there for your body to break down consistently every day, so this is much easier. Keto is a low-carb sufficient protein meaning eat as much protein as you feel like you need. More information on the basics of keto can be found in this article.

How does Keto work?

Again, fighting some stigma here with our Atkins days. I’m a holistic health coach. I can tell you for sure that clean, well-sourced food still counts more than anything. Putting things in your mouth that are processed, too sugary, not real food, trans fats, no-no-no-no-no-no, that’s not what we’re talking about here. At least in my world with Keto Kelly, you don’t get free rein, alright? You have to eat clean or what the heck is the point? Your Keto plan may look very different than somebody else’s if you’re honoring your body listening to possible food allergens. Some people do a lot of cheese because they can break it down. Some people have a reaction to cheese, and they have to do a completely dairy-free Keto experience, and that’s cool. People can be vegetarian on Keto, so your plate might look different than someone else’s.

Keto is a food philosophy

This is a macronutrient based plan I don’t care what lands on your plate as long as it’s clean and organic as possible, and fits those macronutrients that you need to hit for your specific health goals that’s all I care about. This is what I found when I talk about Keto. You’re only doing Keto if you are in ketosis. Keto isn’t just an eating plan; it isn’t just about doing low-carb. That’s not Keto. Doing Keto means you’re in ketosis. Doing Keto means you’re checking that your blood ketone levels are at least 0.5 ideally between 1.5 and 3.0. Nutritional ketosis is monitored with an inexpensive blood monitor at home. I think it’s like 30 dollars and I just get new little testing strips from Amazon or eBay. If checking your blood is not for you or where you’re at then you’re not doing Keto you’re just doing Atkins, you’re not going to lose as much weight.


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What to expect on ketosis?
First of all rapid weight loss, seriously, rapid weight loss is what makes the first week of changing your body over so bearable and fun. You’re also going to experience long-term mood regulation. I’ve primarily made myself reliably emotionally stable. Something else I love to sleep. Sleep is my favorite thing in the entire world. I used to sleep for nine hours, which is a lot. Sometimes I would still be like sleepy during the day every once in a while. Not anymore, I go to bed, and I wake up eight hours later, and I feel fantastic, my sleep is significantly better. Reduced inflammation, reduced appetite 100%, way better focus, and productivity. Losing the sugar cravings which is so fun, I very rarely now look at a cupcake or cake and think I want that, it doesn’t even seem interesting.

My Goal

That’s what we are looking towards by being on a keto diet and really what my goal is for you is I want to see you guys drop that stubborn weight. I want to see whatever hormone craziness is happening for you improve, I want to see you guys improve in general, and I want to hear about it and I want to talk about it. 

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