Master DIY’er Uses Essential Oils to Replace Everything in the House

Meet Indra. You’re gonna like her (just look at that picture!). I love talking to her about essential oils because she makes using them so fun! Last time I saw her she said she’s replaced most of the products in her house with homemade, non-toxic recipes by simply pairing them with coconut oil or Dr. Bronner’s for just about everything! She’s been a real doll and shared some of her simple, effective home product recipes with us.


I teach art and creativity to children. I find joy in being a part of anything cultural, whether it be music, dance, cuisine or visual art…I love it all!
Q: What got you interested in chemical-free products to start with? How did non-toxic products become a priority for you?
A:  I was exposed to the idea of natural healing from a young age. Old-world home recipes and food-based health were part of my upbringing. I began working for an all-natural food store and was educated further on the benefits of a natural lifestyle. So these healthy, natural and non-toxic philosophies became a priority for me.
Q: You’ve become so savvy in making your own products! How did you start doing this, it can all seem really overwhelming at first?
A: I’ve always enjoyed making concoctions, but I really didn’t get into it full force until essential oils came into my life! It wasn’t overwhelming once I realized how easy it is to just add a few drops of essential oils to base products that I already had in the house.
Q: When there are already so many “natural” or “clean” beauty and cleaning supplies out there, why do you bother making your own? What’s the difference?
A: Even though a product may be “all-natural”, there can still be unnecessary additives. More importantly, it’s not always possible to know the purity or cleanliness of the ingredients used. Plus the production and processing in store-bought products are just so wasteful when I can make comparable solutions myself!  I find it to be too easy and convenient NOT to make my own products!
Q: Where do you find recipes for essential oil products? Online? Make them yourself?
A: The recipes I use come from a combination of old-world home recipes passed down in my family, online research, a community of people who I can share ideas with, and MOST importantly, my bible, an Essential Oils Reference book!
Q: You’ve offered to share three of your favorite DIY recipes with us. So please, teach us already!
A: You can pretty much make anything that you need for personal care and home care with  either coconut oil, castile soap or vinegar as the base. Then add essential oils!
I strive for convenience and ease.  Therefore, I often just add oils to base products I have around the house.

For example: 

For my face cream and body lotion, I just add a few drops of 10 drops of Lavender and  10 drops of Juniper Berry to my bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil.

 Juniper Berry is a natural cleanser and detoxifier. Lavender supports sensitive skin and supports healthy cell turnover. Obviously two great ones for your face!

For a body wash, I use a bottle of liquid castile soap and add 15 drops of Wild Orange and 15 drops of Ylang Ylang. This lasts a long time! 

I love the floral scent of Ylang Ylang and it helps balance hormones, promotes healthy skin and hair, and lifts mood while having a calming effect. Wild Orange  is powerful cleanser and purifying agent, protects against seasonal and environmental threats, high in antioxidants, which are essential to overall health and uplifting to the mind and body.

And for an all-purpose cleaning spray, I use white vinegar and water with a tiny bit of castile soap and add a 5-10 drops of Lemon, Melaleuca & Peppermint oils.

Lemon, peppermint and melaleuca are all awesome cleansers and smell heavenly together. 




If you want to connect with Indra in New Orleans or via email to talk about her experiences using or sharing essential oils, you can reach out to her at


BONUS: I just think that Indra is TOO CUTE! I had to share these photos of her because I couldn’t pick just one for this post.

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