New Year Positive Holistic Changes


This is the one time of year where some people bother to reflect on the year prior and decide to make some changes.  Which is why I want to remind you that people making positive changes for themselves is extremely important.

In my year reflection, as well as my very un-keto holiday season, I am beyond excited to be back in the trenches with you in January with lots of new content, hormone health challenges, high-fat and low-carb eating and of course essential oil lifestyle activities.

My friends, I want to wish a very Happy New Year to all my tribes! I’m grateful for all my in-person and digital communities this year.⠀

Thank you to all my amazing people in my, PCOS family, Keto family, and Essential Oils family.

You’ve all changed my life and Mike and I are so lucky to have you all on our team. ⠀

Please join me in the Holistically Keto Facebook group for a more up to date schedule of what’s to come as well as some new and exciting endeavors!

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