Onguard Winter Essentials

The time of year has cPortland_doterra_essentialoilome where the furnace has gotten turned on and our throats all become a bit scratchy. It’s the time of year to really start focusing on keeping your immune system healthy.

The immune system is the body’s defense system. It is designed to protect against threats from outside the body. When functioning normally, the immune system is able to identify, target, and destroy disease-causing pathogens without damaging native body tissues. Be sure to check out the supporting links above for more information about the products designed to help keep your immune system functioning optimally.

Since one of the first signs of immune system instability is a scratchy or a sore throat here a few of my favorite natural tips.



DIY Throat Soother

One of my favorite DIY’s to soothe your throat, airways and calm a cough is the perfect replacement for something that is often filled with chemicals.  I use a spoonful of honey and add two drops of Frankincense, Peppermint, and Lemon.  Then use as needed, it doesn’t taste bad either.


Oils can be so confusing! There are so many ways to use them. Look at Kelly's exact daily routine to see how you get use them all day long. 

  • The oils I use first thing in the morning for clear skin and digestion.
  • Stress management oils and which to use before bed. 

Another trick to kick a sore throat is to use your Onguard and Lavender Touch Oils.  Since they are already diluted just roll them over your throat, down your neck and massage in. The best part is that they are great to use on children as well since children are usually unable to gargle with Onguard to numb their throat.  Both the Onguard and Lavender not only help with supporting our immune systems to get rid of any junk but they also have natural pain reduction properties as well.

As always you can reach out to me if you have any questions about using oils in your home. Follow my Facebook page and do not hesitate to message me or email me.


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