Post Holiday Cleanse


We have almost made it through the time of year where we gather more than usual with family and friends.  The time of year when we tend to stray from our diets and eat foods that we normally wouldn’t eat throughout the year.  It feels very good while we are doing it but then we tend to feel weighed down and sluggish.  January and post-holiday is the perfect time to do a cleanse.

This year our team is doing something BRAND NEW. We are offering two options for cleanses, which will allow you to choose the right program for YOU and your overall wellness goals.

On our oil team, we are super passionate about clean eating and living which can look very different for people.



Oils can be so confusing! There are so many ways to use them. Look at Kelly's exact daily routine to see how you get use them all day long. 

  • The oils I use first thing in the morning for clear skin and digestion.
  • Stress management oils and which to use before bed. 

Our team has been running a clean eating program for years with rave reviews. Folks feel amazing, figure out which foods are sabotaging their energy and skin. The cleanse will improve digestion and balance moods. This is our tried and true “clean slate program”, in which we will help you eliminate sugar, gluten, dairy, and caffeine.

This year we are adding something that I am personally very passionate about ketogenic living. This high-fat way of eating turns everything we were taught about food and nutrition upside down — but goodness, it’s changed my life and the lives of so many others.

We can’t wait to help support you with your goals! The programs will begin on January 8th, for more information and to register please click HERE.


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