Setting Intentions for a New Life

Sunrise in Charleston, SC.

Well, we’re here in San Diego. It’s been two weeks, and it’s glorious. Overwhelming though. After 13 days in the car traveling across the US, we made it. We’re in a new town, with lots to explore and busy looking for a permanent home for the next year. The husband is back at work while I  settle us into our new routine here. For the first few days I was stressed with all of the things I want to accomplish here in my new life with my personal health and health coaching work. Then I went to yoga and was reminded to slow down. Every yoga practice starts with an intention, so I applied the same thought to my plans for our life here. All smart business and PR strategies have measurable goals, right?

Goals for 2013

1. PCOS. I have this very annoying thing called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  I’m in the wellness field and luckily detected it early because I knew about the symptoms. It basically means my hormones are screwy. There is no “pill” to cure it even though some prescriptions are given to help. It requires purely environmental changes. Diet, exercise, proper supplementation and stress management. Clearly a move from DC to sunny San Diego was a good choice. I’ve actually already seen some improvement in two short weeks. The consequences of untreated PCOS are gaining a ton of weight, becoming diabetic at a very early age, heart disease, and fertility would be a pipe dream–none of those work for me.  I’ve taken PCOS as a health opportunity to get my body working like a machine again–giving it the nutrition it needs and handling my stress since I’m an adrenaline junkie when left to my own devices. I’m excited for this year ahead so I can cure myself of this tricky hormone issue that I think we are going to see a lot more of in my generation of women. I look forward to sharing my stories on the blog.

2. Health Coaching. I usually dive into everything 110% and over obligate myself resulting in stress and needing to cope. Because of my PCOS and goal of overall wellness, I need to stop my super Type A ways. I will work this year to slowly and strategically become a better health and wellness resource to my tribe (that’s you!). San Diego and southern California in general is an amazing place to learn. Last night I attend a Meetup group on how to make fabulous raw recipes to add into your routine. The food was to die for!

I’m already working with clients across the country. I look forward to blogging about all that I learn here in SoCal, creating new recipes and bringing all my nutrition knowledge to those who need it.

3. Yoga. Ever since I began to get into wellness, I’ve always wanted a daily practice. Sounds so romantic doesn’t it? I’m from a professional world where you’re lucky some days if you get to eat lunch, never mind a whole hour dedicated to you and no one being allowed to talk, call, chat, bother you. I look forward to learning a lot on the mat this year and so far the yoga studios I’ve tried in my area have been great.

4.Breathing. Hoping to learn on the mat and bring into my real life. A huge part of PCOS management is lowering cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Living a slower pace and staying off caffeine and sugar will help ensure my breathing stays regular and the body stays calm.

5. Getting a Damn Tan. I know, this sounds vain. But I don’t think I’ve had any kind of real sun exposure since I was 10 years old. I’ve been working multiple jobs and in school since I was about 14 (I could probably write an instruction manual on how to GET PCOS, this would be a huge part). I’m looking forward to getting about 20 minutes of unprotected sun per day to really bring up my Vitamin D levels (great for PCOS or any other metabolic issue as well as anxiety, depression, the list goes on…). It’s called intelligent sun exposure. No burning allowed! I literally set an alarm on my phone and then come back inside.

6. Being outside, turning off the electronics. “But Kelly, you have an online business.” I KNOWWW. But I try not to overdo it and I’m learning how to effectively and efficiently  manage my online tribe and off-line life. The TV generally stays off, it’s all garbage and bad news reporting anyway. However, HBO GO is definitely the “other” man in my life– and that’s just how it’s going to be. Games of Thrones is non-negotiable.

That’s it for now, can’t wait to bring you more info in the future. Drafting blogs now….

  • Yay!! 🙂 I am so happy/excited for you in the pursuit of a new lifestyle, I cannot wait to start mine someday San Diego is awesome! I wish you all the luck and energy you need to get things into order, I recommend Encinitas (Pacific Coast Highway) and Carlsbad (Pacific Coast Highway off of Carlsbad village road)as touristy area’s! I am going to be following you and hope to see you at the health and wellness meetups! ps. I am in the getting a damn tan club. . Haley

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