Six Components Of A Healthy Keto Mindset

The Ketportland_holisticcoacho mindset. Of course, food is emotional. Our bodies are constantly giving us signals of what we’re doing is good, bad, or comfortable right? Food can be emotional if you’re using it as an emotional outlet. I love that Keto has made food less emotional, but you’re still going to feel a lot of these things.

The Keto mindset, first of all, is learning patience. Think about your body as an experiment. You’re going to be figuring out a lot of things that are going on with your body and what works. Try to have some patience, and if someone is having ridiculous success don’t compare yourself because you might have that same success as well. 

Recently I learned a really cool thing about how fat cells actually fight you when you’re losing weight because they think the fat is going to come back to fill the fat cells, so one step backward. You actually don’t lose fat cells. They don’t go anywhere. You cannot burn them. They don’t die.

They literally just shrink, so when you burn fat and that fat cell is no longer full of fat what it does is it fills with water instead because it wants to hold it open so when the fat comes back it can house it again. This is a survival mechanism, even if you’re burning fat your body wants to hold onto that weight. This is what usually is happening during a plateau, continue to drink more water, stay on Keto, and then eventually that fat cell is going to give up and shrink. However, patience has to be applied there.


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Gratitude. The reason that we all have weight to lose is that we live in a society that is 24/7 feasting. Our bodies are built for feast or famine and when do we ever have famine? Literally, never we are in a 24/7 feast 365 all the time. We could walk into a grocery store any given time and have a bazillion grams of sugar, in the form of a candy bar when really that would be like an entire year’s worth of carbohydrates if we were cave people. We are constantly in a feast mentality, so just have a lot of gratitude of that’s where we’re at. It’s like estimated there are 800 million people who are actually starving in the world, and we are not among them. If you’re reading this then you’re not hungry, you’re not starving.

Consistency. Be consistent. Daily actions lead to huge results I don’t care what you’re doing. I tell my people who do business this. I tell my people who health coach. Daily actions lead to huge success and that’s what we’re working on every day here, too.

Honesty. Bring your honesty to the table and get ready to be really real about how you use food emotionally. You’re going to figure that out, too. Sometimes, I’m like, gosh, I had a rough day. I really just want to eat ice cream. I’m like that’s weird. Why do I want to do that? Maybe I’ll make myself a healthy meal instead, and have a couple ounces of wine. I might even have a full glass of wine, but wine and clear liquors are Keto friendly within certain limitations, which I can teach you about later.

Pride. Be proud of what your body has done. I know a lot of women read this blog, a lot of these women have had kids you literally brought people into this world. Your body is an amazing thing. Sure, we all have improvements to make, but be proud of it. It’s the only body you’ve been given so get ready to improve it and give it a tune-up.  No negative talk to your body, no shame, no guilt none of that. It’s a wasted emotion. Have pride over your body.

Forgiveness. At some point will have a high-carb day and maybe it will be planned, maybe it will be unplanned. You might not feel that great afterward, but forgive yourself and move on. Tomorrow is another Keto day as I tell myself. If you bumped out of ketosis just get ready to get back in, and if you want to start losing weight get ready to stay in Keto for a while, and you’re going to see all that weight come off.

Patience, gratitude, consistency, honesty, pride, and forgiveness these are the key mindset components to a healthy transition into the keto lifestyle. 

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