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Alcohol And Keto

  Alcohol and how to manage it on Keto, it can be really confusing. Let’s start with a non-weight loss function. Then alcohol on ketones can be pretty easy for you. Just stick to the carbs, liquors like your whiskey, your vodka and beer are generally pretty unfriendly unless you can find the really low-calorie…

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Disordered Eating Behaviors And Keto

      I want to talk about a topic that I learned a ton about when I was first learning Keto, disordered eating behaviors. I started paying attention to my own eating patterns with emotions and keto through my, probably the last,  two months of my experience. And so,  it’s very difficult because I think there’s a lot of stigma around emotion and food, especially for women, especially if you learned early in life like I did.  But these are two different things.  

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