Ten Reasons That I’m Grateful For My PCOS Journey


I love this time of year where we really get to check ourselves, exchange our anxieties, worries and general overall problems to think about all the things that are AMAZING about life. Gratitude is a state of mind and I’m thankful!
Chances are, for every life “problem” you could list ten reasons to be grateful.

I’ll go first — here are some reasons I’m thankful for my PCOS diagnosis. In all of the PCOS information posts I see in groups, the tone is complaining and resentment. Of course, it’s justifiable! PCOS is physically and emotionally exhausting, confusing, expensive, time-consuming and can make you feel alone often.

BUT — because of my PCOS management efforts, I’ve changed my life in so many amazing ways. 

Ten Reasons Why I’m Grateful for PCOS

Deep appreciation for holistic health.
Priceless education on hormone health.
Learning healthy + lifelong weight loss strategies.
Connecting with loving, supportive partners + creating a community.
Immersion into a ketogenic living.
Creating a non-toxic, essential oils lifestyle.
Lifestyle + work life balance.
Movement + body appreciation.
Learning to manage stress + set boundaries.
Sharing my PCOS story on Instagram and helping others.

One of the biggest reasons that I’m grateful for PCOS is the Partners + Community that I have connected with.
Any frustrating diagnosis with limited available treatment can make you feel alone. You are left to your own devices, judgment and Dr. Google for medical direction. You crowdsource strategies from others with experience, read books and research as much as you can.

But when it comes to the hard days of physical or emotional chaos you need your partners, your tribe, and your own humility to let others care and *take care* of you.

I’m grateful for my PCOS to have taught me the humility of being vulnerable with my best partners and friends to accept my hormonal imperfections and temporary misery. I’ve also experienced that personal suffering helps you take care of others with more compassion and love. 

Another big reason that I’m grateful for PCOS: Deep appreciation for holistic health.
Chronic illnesses often have mysterious causes, resulting in a full-body healing approach. Generally, an immune, digestive, hormone or inflammation issue can have many symptoms and just leave your body out of whack.

Holistic health means you treat the root of the condition as well as the symptoms. Especially with reproductive issues, a diagnosis is a window into your whole body’s health.

My favorite part about working towards remission with PCOS is *KNOWING* I’m working my whole system towards lifelong health. SWEET.

If I just tried to manage symptoms with typical medications, not only would my PCOS never reach remission, but I’d deal with side effects and future lifestyle illnesses.

Things I do to take care of PCOS holistically:
Use ketogenic living to lower testosterone.
Keto and intermittent fasting for weight loss and healthy cell regeneration.
Cleanse bad estrogens and boost progesterone with seed cycling.
Supplement with well-sourced products to balance hormones based on blood work review by my naturopath.
Essential oils for everyday wellness, moods, beauty care products, sleep help and stress management.
Essential oils for replacing toxic cleaning supplies in the house.
Working out for hormone balancing.
As much quality sleep as I can get!


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