The Launch of a Holiday UNDETOX

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To launch my newest holiday project, I’m posting the first two pages of the program. Let’s talk about my vision for an undetox and you can set your expectations for how you want to feel during the busiest four weeks of the year.

The program runs December 9 – January 4. 

Have questions about the undetox program? Inbox me at Enjoy! 

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Hello! And Why Undetox?

Thanks for joining the Mindful Holiday Challenge – The Undetox. While putting together this holiday project was fun, my personal inspiration was not. After years of reaching the end of December without energy and giving up on any form of self-control, I finally learned my lesson. I began to reel it in the past few holidays and became more mindful of my actions. By regaining that power, I have a renewed appreciation for all of the non-food (and food, let’s be real) traditions of family holidays.

Here’s the basic focus of my program: inspiring indulgent control and enjoying all aspects of the holidays without feeling overwhelmed, over-full and tired of it all before it even happens!

Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware. This holiday season I am challenging you to become more mindful so you can enjoy your holidays in perfect health.

There are four basic body processes that frame the founding principles of a healthy body: digestion, absorption, utilization of minerals and nutrients and elimination. Your body wants to be healthy. Your body wants to feel light, bright and energized. By supporting this foundation for the next four weeks, you’ll stay well despite the unusual amount of rich holiday foods.

I created this “undetox” program because it’s the dream program that I’ve always needed. I understand all of the concepts above, and even teach them to my clients. The holidays however, can completely clash with any hopes of staying well in the month of December.

I’ve always been used to thinking, “Well, I’m going to eat bad all day anyway,” or “I’m going to eat bad all week anyway,” or “I’m just going to scratch this whole last two weeks of December and then get back on track in January.” Every time I’ve ever done this, it’s bitten me in the ass. Headaches, fatigue, no energy, bad moods and absolutely NO patience for dealing with my family.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence I always feel uncomfortable when I travel. When I’m on the road and headed home, I’m eating sugary holiday foods and drink lots of alcohol! Slowly, I’ve changed. The first thing I do when I arrive home for the holidays is get to a natural foods store and stock up on what I need. With this balance I get Christmas cookies AND kale, hot chocolate AND kombucha (but, not together.)

A detox is about removing things from your diet and life that no longer serve you. An undetox is about having it all while enjoying it and feeling good. Those two last words are crucial.

An undetox isn’t about binging and dealing with the damage, it’s about sticking to wellness basics and being mindful. It’s about appreciation for habits that make you feel good and appreciation for holiday traditions that feed your soul.

Below is a guide to help you course-correct throughout the next four weeks. If you start feeling unbalanced, cling closer to your daily checklist, get more exercise, eat more greens and less sugar, and stay as hydrated as possible.

Physical symptoms 
Signs of imbalance: headaches, stomach pain, muscle cramps, coughing, fatigue, insomnia, restlessness, shakiness, muscle weakness, poor concentration
Signs of balance: bright eyes, hunger, stamina, natural deep breathing, high energy, restful sleep, focus, alertness, strength, good color

Emotional symptoms 
Signs of imbalance: anxious, bored, scared, mad, sad, depressed, scattered, restless, irritable, agitated, hyper
Signs of balance: confident, excited, energized, humorous, happy, interested, focused, calm, relaxed, easygoing, patient

This purpose of this guide is to help you become familiar of the above symptoms so that you become aware of your limits – limits for stress, limits for relationships, limits for caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. Watch closely what your body is telling you.

I hope you enjoy the process of taking care of yourself. I had an amazing time putting this undetox together and look forward to going through all of these steps with you.

Thanks for being in my wellness tribe! – Kelly



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