How to Use Essential Oils For Hair Care


doterra_portlandWalk down any big box store haircare aisle, and you will be overwhelmed with choices, most the time both sides of the aisle are full of options. It is possible to make some simple hair care products from scratch at home. You can peruse the Internet and find lots of recipes to make your shampoo and conditioner bases.


Whether you buy a hair product base or create your own, you will need to consider the purpose of your hair product, such as dandruff control, moisturizing dry hair, or counteracting hair loss. When you narrow down what you want to achieve from your haircare item is where essential oils for hair care can help.

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Remember that essential oils are not oily like vegetable or fixed oils. They are called “oils” because they are lipophilic or fat-loving and dissolve readily in fatty liquids, but they are not made of lipids. What this means is that when using essential oils for hair care, they cannot moisturize your hair, nor will they make your hair oily. Since your doTERRA essential oils are pure, they may be quite drying and will evaporate more quickly than when applied by themselves. The drying factor is one of the big reasons why we dilute essential oils in fatty oils before using them on our skin.

Hair Care Essential Oils

This image is an excellent representation of the 11 best oils for your hair,  add oil(s) to your shampoo or conditioner and massage on to the hair or scalp.  For a leave-in combine oil(s) with fractioned coconut oil to condition, detangle and control frizz.



If you are not into making your own hair care products doTERRA has a fabulous already made salon essentials line.

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