Want to be more productive? Try this

Let me ask you a question: what’s your productivity looking like these days?

If you’re like most people, I’m sure you have a ton on your to-do list. But it’s not just about the day-to-day things like running errands, heading to the grocery store, taking the kids to soccer practice and ballet, or dropping the dog off at the groomer’s.

There’s the other to-do list too. The big one. The one that has our dreams and goals. Things like buying a new house, relocating to our dream destination, traveling, reaching financial security, and so much more.

We all face the same challenge: there’s only 24 hours in a day.

And yet—how is it that some people are able to knock their goals out of the park consistently and achieve every last goal on their list…while others struggle to cross even the smallest things off?

Today, we’re cracking the code to productivity by revealing 5 surprising habits that ultra-productive people maintain. Adopt these habits as your own, and you might just surprise yourself with how productive you become both in your personal life and in your business goals as well!


  1. They Say No

The University of California in San Francisco conducted research that showed that the harder it is for you to say no, the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout, and even depression. It’s important to learn how to say no—whether it means declining invitations to gatherings you’re not thrilled about, or turning down offers for a business opportunity that doesn’t excite you. Bestselling author James Altucher is famous for saying this: “If something is not a ‘hell, YEAH!’, then it’s a ‘no!’”


  1. They Don’t Have To-Do Lists

Research has shown that 41% of items on to-do lists are never completed. Instead of carrying around ever-growing lists of things to do, productive people opt to schedule everything on a calendar. Then they live and work off of that calendar, which ultimately helps them to stay better organized. Some even advise to schedule your days into 15-minute blocks to make the most of your productivity.


  1. They Know Their Priorities

The distance between your current situation and your dream life is measured in action steps. What are you doing each day to bring you closer to your goals? What are your priorities when it comes to building your dream life and/or the business of your dreams? Productive people have something called an MIT: Most Important Task. Every day, they work on this task without interruption because it’s their number one priority in achieving their dreams. So think about the things you can start doing now that will have the biggest impact on reaching your goal, and schedule time to do those things.


  1. They Manage Their Time Well

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous habit. Productive people are diligent followers of something called the ‘Pareto Principle’. According to this principle, 80% of outcomes come from only 20% of activities. In other words, there are things you can do to build your dream life and business that will reap bigger rewards than small, insignificant tasks. What are the activities that will drive the biggest results when it comes to your goals? Focus on those and ignore the rest.


  1. They Prepare

Finally, productive people end each day by thinking about the next. They review what they accomplished, and then they prepare themselves for tomorrow by focusing on what they plan to work on. That way, when they wake up in the morning, they already have an action plan in mind and can hit the ground running.



So which productivity habit will you start practicing this week?

Next time, we’ll share 5 more things that productive people do differently that allows them to achieve more and accomplish all their goals.

And if you’re ready to get more productive when it comes to building financial security and the life of your dreams, I want to invite you to learn more about joining my wellness team here. When you’re connected to a coach and support group of people doing exactly what you want to be doing, the sky’s the limit!

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