What 6-Figure Earners Do Differently, Part 3

This month, we’ve been going through a series all about the habits of 6-figure earners. We’ve particularly been focusing on what they do differently that allows them to knock out their goals and make serious bank.

That’s because a 6-figure income isn’t just about the type of job or career you’re holding down. You can be extremely talented, but if you haven’t trained your mind to be productive, align yourself with the right people, or maximize your potential, then that doesn’t benefit you.

So many thought leaders will be the first to tell you that success begins with your mind. It begins with how you define success, how you perceive it, what it means to you, and whether or not you believe it’s attainable. If you believe you can do something, then you’re 50% of the way there and you’ve already gotten a lot of the hard work out of the way.

But what happens when you struggle with that belief?

It’s more common than you think, so first of all, don’t feel bad. Sometimes we have to train our brain to have an ‘abundance mindset’. We’ll talk a little bit more about what an abundance mindset means in our next blog, but today I want to share one of the easiest ways to help you start thinking abundantly:

Hire a mentor.

We recently talked about how 6-figure earners align themselves with the right people. They do this because they know that we’re the sum total of the 5 people we spend the most time with. After all, we tend to mimic the behaviors and mindsets of those around us. Have you ever been around a negative person, and all of a sudden, you were thinking negatively, too? It’s important to make sure the tribe around you is filled with people who are doing what you want to be doing and who are taking you to a whole new level. Basically, if you want to be successful, spend time with other successful people!

But 6-figure earners take it a step further by finding themselves a mentor.

Why is having a mentor so important?

  • With a mentor, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Let’s face it: figuring out how to accomplish our dreams and create financial security for yourself and your family can be a pretty daunting task. Especially if you’re doing it on your own. But when you bring a mentor into the picture who’s already been there, guess what? You can avoid detours and u-turns by learning from their mistakes! In other words, you save a lot of time and money by studying your mentor’s road map and applying it to your life.
  • With a mentor, you’re better able to see the bigger picture. Sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture when you’re the one in the frame. You may not always be able to tell which opportunities are the best for your situation, or how your talents and skills can come into play to supersize your business. A mentor has the distance necessary to see the whole package in one glance and provide you with game-changing insights so that you can take inspired and intelligent action, and move forward.
  • With a mentor, you have someone who’s part-cheerleader, part-accountability partner. One of the things many people starting their own business miss out on in the beginning is community. They don’t have someone who’s holding them accountable and making sure that they meet their goals. But even worse, they don’t have someone who’s encouraging them, empowering them, and uplifting them. With a mentor in your corner, you won’t feel alone anymore. You’ll have someone in your life who believes in you and who’s going to work with you to make sure your dreams come true.


I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to mentor many women since starting my business. In fact, this year, I’ll be making 6 figures in my wellness business, and I’ve coached plenty of women who are on track to do the same.

If you’re tired of struggling on your own to get to a place of financial security, and you’re interested in learning how you can build wealth through wellness (and potentially make 6-figures as well!), then I want to invite you to join my wellness team, where you’ll not only receive regular mentorship from me (someone who’s been there), but where you’ll also connect with passionate and purpose-driven people who are completely changing the rules when it comes to ‘working at home’ and who are having fun doing it! Learn more here.

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